Enabling excellent data science in Denmark

The Novo Nordisk Foundation aims at stimulating excellent world-class research within data science and artificial intelligence in Denmark by offering attractive funding opportunities, visible career paths, and by supporting the education of more specialists in the field.

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Grants will strengthen data-driven research in Denmark

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded grants totalling almost DKK 40 million for three data science research projects in Denmark within type 2 diabetes, materials science, and the use of health data through the Data Science Research Infrastructure Programme.

Three data science research projects can be realised thanks to grants totalling DKK 39.8 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Data Science Research Infrastructure Programme. The purpose of the Programme is to support research within data infrastructure, which is critical for data-driven research in Denmark. Some of Denmark’s most talented researchers..

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Funding opportunities in the NNF Data Science Initiative

As part of its Data Science Initiative, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has allocated DKK 410 million in 2020-2022 to strenghten research in data science and artificial intelligence in Denmark. Grants are awarded in open competition across three programmes:

  • Investigator Programme supports excellent independent research leaders with ambitious projects within the field of data science; separate calls for the Emerging, Ascending and Distinguished career stages.
  • Collaborative Research Programme supports data science-driven collaborative research projects within the Foundation’s scientific focus areas.
  • Research Infrastructure Programme supports the establishment and operation of national data science infrastructures.

All supported projects must have a current or potential future application and impact within life science, health science, or biotechnology.

Complementary to these programmes, Novo Nordisk Foundation has granted DKK 152.5 million for the establishment of the Danish Data Science Community, which offer PhD and Postdoc fellowships, etc.

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