Enabling excellent data science in Denmark

The Novo Nordisk Foundation aims at stimulating excellent world-class research within data science and artificial intelligence in Denmark by offering attractive funding opportunities, visible career paths, and by supporting the education of more specialists in the field.

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Danish Pioneer Centre for AI will contribute to solving big societal challenges

Denmark's first Pioneer Centre is the result of a unique collaboration between the Danish National Research Foundation, four private foundations and five Danish universities. The Centre will use human-centered artificial intelligence to solve some of society's greatest challenges.

Denmark’s largest research centre for artificial intelligence officially opens on 28 March. The ambition of The Pioneer Centre for AI is to create societal impact through the application of artificial intelligence in areas such as health and biotech, energy, infrastructure as well as climate and biodiversity. “The unique character of..

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Funding opportunities in the NNF Data Science Initiative

As part of its Data Science Initiative, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has allocated DKK 410 million in 2020-2022 to strenghten research in data science and artificial intelligence in Denmark. Grants are awarded in open competition across three programmes:

All supported projects must have a current or potential future application and impact within life science, health science, or biotechnology.

Complementary to these programmes, Novo Nordisk Foundation has granted DKK 152.5 million for the establishment of the Danish Data Science Community, which offer PhD and Postdoc fellowships, etc.

Read more about the opportunities here.