Enabling excellent data science with potential high impact in life science and biotechnology

The Novo Nordisk Foundation aims at stimulating excellent research within data science and artificial intelligence in Denmark by offering attractive funding opportunities and career paths and supporting the education of more specialists in the field.

Data science drives progress across all scientific disciplines, from design and discovery of new materials and new and improved diagnoses and treatments in healthcare to developing more sustainable agriculture and new climate solutions.

Data scientists are in great demand from both the public and the private sector. They often hold the key to a better understanding of complex issues, which is why the education, attraction, and retainment of talent is critical for Denmark to stay at the forefront in science and innovation.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation supports the data science field through strategic awards as well as open competition grants. All supported research must have a current or potential future application and impact within the Foundation’s scientific focus areas in life science, health science, or biotechnology.

In 2020-2022, The Foundation has allocated DKK 410 million to its Data Science Initiative, in which three different programmes – the Investigator, Collaborative Research, and Research Infrastructure programmes – aim to support world-class data science-driven research. Further objectives are to promote a thriving research community with a culture of collaboration and interdisciplinary research, sharing of data and resources under the FAIR principles, as well as ethical and secure use of data.

Further information about the funding opportunities in the Data Science Initiative can be found here.

Complementary to the Data Science Initiative open competition programmes, the Foundation has, with co-funding from Velux Foundations, granted DKK 184.3 million for the Danish Data Science Academy in 2021-2026. The Academy is a dedicated network promoting collaboration, education, and distributing fellowships. Read more here.

Recently, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has joined forces with four other Danish Foundations; the Danish National Research Foundation; the Carlsberg Foundation; the Lundbeck Foundation; and the VILLUM Foundation; and initiated negotiations for an up to DKK 352 million contract to establish the first national Pioneer Centre for artificial intelligence. Read more about the AI Centre here.

For more information about data science at Novo Nordisk Foundation, please contact:

  • Signe Rømer Holm, Grant Manager, +45 7242 2561 /
  • Morten Bache, Senior Scientific Lead, +45 7730 1560 /
  • Ulrik de Lichtenberg, Senior Scientific Officer, +45 3527 6520 /