Enabling excellent data science and computational sciences with the potential to solve some of society’s greatest challenges

Data scientists are in great demand from the public and private sectors. They often hold the key to a better understanding of complex issues, which is why the education, attraction, and retention of talent are critical for Denmark to stay at the forefront in science and innovation.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation aims at stimulating excellent research within data science, computational sciences, and artificial intelligence in Denmark by offering attractive funding opportunities and career paths and supporting the education of more specialists in the field.

Data science drives progress across all scientific disciplines, from the design and discovery of new materials and new and improved diagnoses and treatments in healthcare to developing more sustainable agriculture and new climate solutions.

The Foundation supports the larger data science field through strategic awards as well as open competition grants. All supported research must have a current or potential future application and impact within the Foundation’s focus areas: Health, sustainability and the life science ecosystem.

Further information about the funding opportunities within data science can be found here.

National Data Science Academy

Complementary to the open competition programmes, the Novo Nordisk Foundation and VILLUM FONDEN have awarded a combined grant totalling DKK 184.3 million to the Danish Data Science Academy.

The aim of the Danish Data Science Academy is to strengthen the training of researchers and interdisciplinary collaboration within data science and help move Denmark up into the global elite in this field. The Danish Data Science Academy covers activities throughout Denmark and is based at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Danish Data Science Academy promotes collaboration, education, and awarding of travel and fellowship grants for PhDs and Postdocs in open competition. Calls are announced via the Academy’s website.

National Pioneer Centre for AI

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is also co-funding another national research centre: The Pioneer Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is Denmark’s first Pioneer Center and is established in close collaboration between (and with co-funding from) the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Danish National Research Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation, the Lundbeck Foundation, VILLUM FONDEN, the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the five participating universities.

The Pioneer Center for AI will use human-centered artificial intelligence to solve some of society’s greatest challenges. The ambition is to create societal impact through the application of artificial intelligence in areas such as health and biotech, energy, infrastructure, climate, and biodiversity.

A total of more than DKK 350 million has been allocated to the Pioneer Center for AI over the next 13 years.

Find more information about the Pioneer Center for AI here.

More information

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