Deep Fetal Development: AI for Fetal Development Analysis and Impact on Future Health of Mother and Child

Mads Nielsen –Professor, Department of Computer Science, Københavns Universitet
Grant amount: DKK 18,281,569

As stated by the researchers: “The healthy development and growth of the child during pregnancy is influenced by the health of the mother and the genetics of the parents. Likewise, the development of the child influences the future health of the child and gives indications of the future health of the mother.

In this project, we will study all pregnancies from Denmark since 2009. We will use a unique database of more than 700,000 babies including all their ultrasound screening images, in total more than 20,000,000 images in combination with electronic healthcare records on all the mothers and babies and genetics of 20,000 mothers and 10,000 fathers.

This data will enable this project to develop new deep learning-based AI algorithms for analyzing the development of children during pregnancy, and to predict the risk of disease in the future for both mother and child.

We will test the benefit of risk-based enhanced screening in the clinic at 1000 pregnancies.”

Project participants
Mads Nielsen
Professor, Department of Computer Science, Københavns Universitet

Bjarke Feenstra
Clinical Immunology, Biobank Unit, Rigshospitalet

Martin Grønnebæk Tolsgaard
Obstetrics, Rigshospitalet

Aasa Feragen-Hauberg
DTU Compute, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet