Data Science Research Infrastructure In Radiotherapy

Cai Grau – Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus Universitet
Grant amount: DKK 15,000,000

This project aims to develop the infrastructure for collecting and aggregating radiotherapy data from across all radiotherapy departments in Denmark. The proposal builds on DcmCollab, a national dose plan and image data bank, which has been collecting data since 2009. The infrastructure will facilitate access for Danish data scientists to complete and curated data for data mining, deep learning, and AI-based automation, including segmentation, dose planning, quality assurance and model-based prediction of outcomes. The core collaborators include Aarhus University Hospital, Odense University Hospital, and Rigshospitalet, as well as medical image analysis groups (data scientists) at DTU, KU and AU.

Project participants
Cai Grau
Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus Universitet

Carsten Brink
Professor of Medical Physics, Odense University Hospital

Ivan Vogelius
Professor of Medical Physics, Rigshospitalet

Stine Korreman
Professor of Medical Physics, Aarhus University Hospital

Koen van Leemput
Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Jens Petersen
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

Asger Hobolth
Professor of Data Science, Aarhus University