April 7, 2021

Five research foundations join forces to establish one of Denmark’s first large research centers in artificial intelligence

Together with the Danish National Research Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation, the Lundbeck Foundation, and the VILLUM Foundation, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has initiated negotiations for a contract to establish the first Pioneer Center for artificial intelligence with the American Professor and top researcher Serge Belongie as the head of center.

If all parties reach an agreement, the center will be established in collaboration with five Danish universities (the University of Copenhagen; the Technical University of Denmark; the IT University of Copenhagen; Aarhus University; and Aalborg University) and will be part of the national initiative to establish Pioneer Centers in important research areas. The five foundations will grant up to 352 million DKK.

Read more about the Pioneer Center in a press release from the Danish National Research Foundation (external link in English):